Dr Payne and his staff are committed to the highest quality care available.  Through the new MY WELLNESS program, the practice uses a membership system that allows Dr Payne to spend as much time as it takes to ensure a patient has all of their health care needs addressed.  No more 8 minute visits.  No more waiting.  Now patients are treated comprehensively at each visit.  Urgent issues are guaranteed same-day appointments in most cases.  But that is just the beginning.    


Each patient has a wellness plan developed annually.  This plan is then the road map to guide the prevention of future illness.  Being proactive instead of reactive when it comes to illness is critical for future health. Comprehensive executive- style physicals are another service available under the MY WELLNESS program.  


Dr Payne is currently Associate Professor of Internal Medicine at Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center.  Prior to this he was Assistant Professor of Internal Medicine at the University of California Davis.  His entire career has been spent teaching doctors to practice medicine.  His approach to medical care is called "Evidence-based Medicine".  The importance of this approach is that it seeks to use the most up-to-date treatments and techniques based on scientific evidence.